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Is this your first time doing an iMovie?? Well you have come to the right place!! We will tell you some tips so you don’t mess up.

Here are some steps that will really help you make this iMovie:

1.Import all clips

2. Drag all clips in order to the editing pane (The thing at the bottom). Make sure to check the timing of each clip. Make sure you make it long enough because the transitions will take time from your clip. A minimum could be 8-10.

3. Add an introductory title clip at the beginning of your movie. (Eg. Welcome to my movie.)

4. Add formatted titles throughout your movie to organize in categories. Also it makes it look professional and nice.

5. Add a credits clip at the end of your movie.
  • Make sure you add people that helped you.
  • The person who took the pictures and the cites if its an external image.
  • The music used (if used).

6. Add effects to your movie. This makes it look good but remember to put effects that fit into your movie.

7. Add transitions to your movie. They make it look good. Also remember that transitions shorten your clip. Put a transition that fits and looks good.

8. Add audio to your movie. It makes it nice and will catch people’s attention. Audio of course has to fit with your movie. You can put another song that you like. Remember to put where you got it.

9. When you are finally done you can export your movie into a proper format such as Quick Time.

    • note- always make sure that you have the same picture replicated onto your documents, pictures etc so that if something bad happens to the clip within the movie, you have something to fall back on.

How to make your iMovie perfect

To make an iMovie that is perfect you have to make it look like it is professional which means that you can put different transitions if it makes sense to make categories; you can change the transitions once or twice but don’t make different transitions after every clip or it will look like a beginner’s movie. Also you can’t put an effect that does not fit to the picture or video such as having the “snow” effect when the picture is a sunny day on the beach. And you can’t have a picture that does not fit your theme such as if your theme was about your father’s funeral, you can’t put a picture of you swimming and you smashing a piñata. You also can’t put a song that does not fit you theme so if your theme was your uncle’s funeral, you can’t use a rap, rock or hip-hop song. So try avoiding these things and your movie will be perfect!

General Tips that Will Help you make an Excellent iMovie Project

Some helpful advice
When I made my iMovie I made some mistakes too.
Some mistakes I made were simple like not putting my music in the right place in my iMovie, not changing the format of the music ect. But one real big mistake I made was when I tried to change the time of my movie and somehow put 5 of my clips into one. Anyway, try not to do that (I had to erase the clip).

  • Edit the time of the clips in the photos section not the timeline viewer
  • Make sure that your music is in mp3 format (that always works)
  • Make sure you know what format your music is in
  • And never ever take a bought song off of iTunes to put in your iMovie if you don’t know your iTunes password
  • Put effects first before you add transitions
  • Put your clips in order
* Make clips always the same length
  • Extend the clips length before you add transitions because if you don't the clips will be too short

This is how the iMovie looks like and what each part is called:
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From: http://curriculum.union.edu/tips/imovie/imovie.php

Links to helpful websites

http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/techtalk/imovie.htm tips+imovie&hl=en&gl=my&ct=clnk&cd=7&client=firefox-a
This is a very cool website.