iMovie Skills

Here you will learn all about iMovie and all the skills. You will learn what features iMovie has and how to create a simple but enjoyable iMovie. For more information, check the tips page.

As we have currently studied and made iMovie in our IT class, we have become specialized and would like to share this with you. These screenshots will help you study iMovie in a more professional way.

This is the iMovie Icon

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These websites have many basic information on using iMovie.

It is really easy to use the photos category. If you want to change the time of a clip, for example 5 seconds to 10 seconds, notice the rabbit and a turtle. Drag the blue dot by looking at the time, which is at the right. Drag it until it says 10:00. And after you have done this, press Apply and wait. Also it is used to change the size of a picture. You change it by moving the blue dot of the line that has a picture of a man, who is above the rabbit and the turtle. After you have done this, press apply and the size will change.

The sounds feature is to insert sounds or music to your movie. You can insert a song to your movie and make last the whole movie. To insert a song you can browse around your computer instead of using the sounds in IMovie. By inserting the sounds you have to drag onto a picture or if you’re inserting a song you drag the song in the time line viewer. You can record your own voice with your microphone on the sounds feature.

Inserting titles is one of the easiest tasks in iMovie. Type the wanted title in the first text box, and then select your favorite effect from the list. Some title effects are cartwheel and far, far away. After clicking preview several times and deciding on a suited effect, drag the effect to the editing pane with your mouse. Let the title load before looking. To make the font bigger, notice the small letter A and the big letter A. Drag the blue icon to either the big or small A. Test it before updating! This is needed to make an exellent movie because without titles it would be hard to understand the movie. With titles you can group pictures and make categories!

Transitions (Trans)
Transitions are easy to use. First of all, you pick a transition, for example, Cross Dissolve. Then, you have to drag it in between two clips. This places the transition you choose in between the clips, meaning that there will be a slight effect between those two clips. But that is not all. You have to time the effect perfectly. Here’s the tip: your trans takes time out of your clips. So if your trans takes 2:00 and each of your two clips are 3:00, then your two clips will be shortened to 1:00. Each clip must be at least 5-10 seconds long, so be careful with your trans!!!

This tool provides you with a certain motion effect that pops out in each clip you have inserted into the movie. There are many effects that could be inserted into each clip, such as: aged film, which will allow you to make the clip appear as an old aged film. Another example of an effect is fog; this effect will allow you to make the clip very foggy and full of haze. The other action areas you can click on are: Lightness, which will allow the clip to be either darker or lighter. You will be able to see the clip in its effect form when clicking preview before inserting it into the real movie.

Extra Buttons & What they Do

This tool controls the size of your title. Youu will recognize the small A and the big A from the paragraph on titles.

These 7 buttons are for all of the different editing tools. If you go click on the different buttons you can put audio, titles, transitions, and effects into your movie. Look above to the other pictures to see more of what each one does.

This is to show you how much space is in your garbage.
These three buttons are to play your movie, rewind your movie, and play it on a full screen. These tools are for checking your movie and playing is in front of an audience. It will also play the sound with it – of course.