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If you are still not sure what to do, then check out one of these links.

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Description: On this website you find some links where you can find really handy tips. Such as how to use the audio, how to use the effects, troubleshooting, recording a voiceover, and much more! I would recommend it for beginners, and advanced english speakers.

Description: This website is highly recommended for those who want to fine tune their movies and learn more about iMovie such as playing clips backward and giving your movie a professional effect.

Description:This website is ideal for a beginner for iMovie. It shows how to switch on and off the Ken burns effect, export clips faster and other tips on how to make you iMovie a perfect one!

Description:This is a magnificent website as it contains most of the frequently asked questions about iMovie and is ideal for the beginner as well as the advanced user. Some of the questions are especially useful because the answers to them are detailed and useful.

Description: This website has handy contents, such as the steps of making a movie, edit video clips, add clips to the timeline, add enhancements, create an idvd project, more ways to share an iMovie, iMovie preferences, advanced tips, and make a magic iMovie. I would recommend this website to creative and people who are conversant with English. If you are still not sure, the very detailed pictures will show you what to do.

Description: This website is has full description and even with pictures to have a better knowledge on what its about in iMovie.

Description: This website is effective it also has tips, easy to follow and step by step instructions on iMovie. I would go to this site because the tips and the easy instructions would make it easy to understand.

Description: In this website there is one big picture with arrows telling on what do to when you are in iMovie, its very efficient and easy to understand.

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