iMovie Glossary

Effects: Effects are different things you can use like old movie that makes the movie look old or Fairy dust where a star goes across the clip.

Ken Burns effect: Ken Burns effect is when you are watching a clip or your full movie and the clip zooms in.

Transitions: An effect that can be used to move to another clip, but with a design, rather than moving to the next clip with no effect.

Audio: Audio is used for sound effects and for songs in you iMovie.

Clips: Clips are the pictures or images that you used for you iMovie.

iMovie: A program where you can create a movie and edit them.

Photo: A picture of a person or a thing.

Storyboard: A panel or panels on which a sequence of sketches depict the significant changes of action and scene in a planned film, as for a movie, television show, or advertisement.

Time line: A schedule a timetable, of how long your iMovie will be.

Inspiration: Is a software that allows you to brainstorm your ideas.
Introductory Title: An Introductory Title is a title at the beginning of the movie showing the title and person who made it.

Formatted Title: A Formatted Title is a title when you have formatted the effects and the colors.

Technology Design Cycle: The Technology Design Cycle is the an idea of how you should work out how to do the movie. It has 4 steps. Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate.

Editing pane: A bar at the bottom of the page where you can change the order of the clips.