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This year in I.T. we made a movie with iMovie. It is really cool. You get to add music, videos, and pictures, just like a real movie!

TECHNOLOGY DESIGN CYCLE: The whole movie project was done as steps in the Technology Design Cycle. These steps are Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate, Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate and continuing in the same cycle. For this project the Brain Storm was Investigate, Store Board was Plan, Movie Creation was Create and Evaluate is still to be done.

iMovie Investigation

BRAINSTORMING: We started of brainstorming for our imovie. We went on Inspiration and made a rough idea about how our slides are going to be organized and whats going to be in them. After we finished that we made it easy to view and printed it so we could have it handy when we were making our movie.
A mind map made in Inspiration.

Imovie Plan

iMOVIE FEATURES: Imovie features was really helpful in this project because it was a few papers with images on it that hade arrows to it. First we went on imovie and played around with the features and wrote down on the paper what it did and what’s it called if it had a name. I think it helped our class with iMovie, it gave us a head start.

Imovie Sources

SOURCES: We copied into a word document all the pictures we were going to include in the movie. Next to pictures we wrote the source of the picture for example. “Pictures from home” or the “URL of the picture”.

Imovie Storyboard

STORYBOARD: The storyboard we could do on the computer or on paper. The storyboard showed each slide with a box underneath it, which said timing of the slide, transitions, effects and most of the stuff we needed. We only printed the pictures out if we did it by paper, and then pasted them on the paper and filled the information out. So we could have it right next to us and do our imovie. If we did it on the computer we printed it out as a finished product.

Imovie Creation

MOVIE CREATION: We dragged all the pictures that were going to be used into the editing pain, added all effects and wrote the credits. When the movie was completed and peer reviewed we exported it into a Quick Time movie.

Imovie Reflections

REFLECTIONS: For each one of these tasks we wrote a reflection to look back at the work we’ve done, and see what we could do better. With the reflection we also told Ms. Cofino how well we did each task.